Setting up a joint Wordpress site; permission form for interviews

Creating a group WordPress site

As the assignment description states, your Issue/Cause sites need to be independent of any group member’s individual site. The easiest way to handle this will be for one group member to create a new site on their account and then invite other group members to be administrators.

This process needs to be completed well before next Thursday when we will have a peer review of each others’ sites.

Securing permissions for interview subjects

A number of you are planning to conduct video interviews for your sites. It is a good practice to secure permission from those you interview—first, so your interview subjects will know what you are planning to do with the video, and second, to protect yourselves.

You can secure these permissions by having your interview subjects sign a release. You can find your own release form, or use this one (copied with minimal edits from for that purpose.

If you include interviews as part of your site, you are required to secure permissions from your interview subjects. I will ask to see these forms when you submit the project.

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